Tattoo Styles


The Maori are a people in New Zealand. The tattoos have always belonged to their tradition and reflects their rituals and represent power and prestige.

Already in adolescence they start with these tattoos and important events that determine the life of a person are celebrated with them. Maori tattoos are sacred and inviolable.


An important characteristic of Maori: each tattoo is unique. 


For this reason I do not use templates, but draw the Maori pattern "free-hand" on your skin.

Maori Bern Thun Reichenbach
Maori by Mike's Fine Art Tattoo

Mandala & Dotwork

Mandala is an energy art and has a magical meaning.

A circle symbolizes the world order and the universal whole, thus protecting your psychic energy. The triangle connects the positive, negative and neutral in your life. 


Mandalas are even more individual and beautiful in connection with dotwork.


I will be happy to draw your personal mandala for you according to your "desired meanings".

Mandala Tattoo Bern Thun Reichenbach


You want to immortalize the names of your children, your favorite saying, letters or a date on your skin? No matter what size or font; everything is possible.

Schriften Tattoo Bern Thun Reichenbach

3D / Animals

A butterfly that flies off your shoulder or a wolf that howls off your shoulder? Or would you like to carry your favorite pet always with you? 

I will be happy to fulfill your wish.

Schmetterling Tattoo Thun Reichenbach Spiez

Various motives

The beauty of tattoo art: sky is the limit.

Fine Art Tattoo Bern Thun Spiez Reichenbach