How to take care of your Tattoo?

Care instructions

A tattoo strains the skin, as it is quite stressed by the many fine needle pricks. These small skin irritations need care so that they can heal cleanly and without problems. 



This is how you care for your tattoo properly:

After tattooing

  • I stick a special tattoo foil on your new tattoo ➡️ the skin can breathe, but no dirt gets on the tattoo
  • Don't be alarmed: After a few hours, the excess ink collects under the foil and the tattoo looks totally smeared. But it is normal and the tattoo heals 🙂
Tattoo with foil care
With tattoo foil
Tattoo without foil care
After removing the foil

Removal of Saniderm Bandage (after 20 - 24 hours)

  • To remove Saniderm, find an edge of the bandage and pull it back over itself in the direction of hair growth. The shower is the ideal place to remove Saniderm. Running water will help loosen the adhesive and relax the skin, making the removal much more comfortable. Dry removal of Saniderm may cause discomfort and added trauma to the skin.
  • Discard the used bandage and wash the tattoo with a mild soap, preferably fragrance-free. 
  • Allow the tattoo to air dry or pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply a thin layer of aftercare product to your tattoo

After removing foil

  • Wash the tattoo daily 2 to 3 times with PH neutral soap carefully with light pressure and lukewarm water.
  • Dab the tattoo dry (do not rub!) and treat it with a thin layer of Recovery Tattoo Salve (available at my studio)
  • Make sure that your tattoo never dries out



  • NEVER use a skin disease or cortisone ointment! With such ointments the tattoo can become inflamed and cause bad scarring or impair healing

General information:


  • You can shower from the first day, because your tattoo is protected thanks to the foil
  • You should avoid hot water and long showers in the beginning

Bathing / Sun / Sauna / Solarium / sport activities

  • Avoid this in the first weeks
  • Use a high sun protection factor (30+) 


It can take up to 6 months for the tattoo to heal completely. Continue to care for the tattoo with moisturizer and sunscreen. So it remains beautiful and colorful for a long time.


 There are many opinions regarding the care of tattoos, but:

So far, all tattoos of mine that have been cared for as described have healed beautifully.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Tattoopflege Hustle Butter Mike's Fine Art Tattoo Thun

Recovery Tattoo Salve

  • all-natural, vegan-friendly balm
  • natural remedy your skin craves
  • reduces redness and swelling
  • Rich with invigorating, organic ingredients like synthetic beeswax, olive fruit oil, cocoa seed butter, lavender oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and rosemary leaf extract
Tattoofolie Dermalize Mike's Fine Art Tattoo Thun


  • creates a barrier around your freshly tattooed skin, protecting it from dust, bacteria, moisture, and other external irritants.
  • completely waterproof
  • breathable to ensure that the skin receives the airflow it needs to heal
  • allows your tattoo to heal safely and look like the masterpiece it is